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Raw Honey Now Available to purchase!

Our Raw Honey is unheated and unfiltered. Experience the amazing natural taste and healthy benefits of our 100% Australian Raw Honey now!
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Taste honey the way it should be – real honey – straight from the hive.


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raw honey unfiltered

No Filtration

From hive to your home! Our Raw Honey is not spun in processing machines or subjected to long filtration methods which remove much of the natural goodness. We leave in all the ‘bits’ – the best bits!

Farmed from Australia

All our Raw Honey is 100% farmed in Australia, by caring Australian farming families. Taste the difference of naturally farmed Australian honey

With Honeycomb

Experience the unique taste and health benefits from natural honeycomb. Each jar of From Our Farm Raw Honey is nutritionally boosted with honeycomb – a natural source of fibre, antioxidants and healthy bacteria

Unheated Raw Honey

Heat destroys antioxidants naturally found in hive honey – our Raw Honey is not subjected to the same heat stress of processed honey. This leaves in more natural goodness and health benefits