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No sustained heating

No mixing or diluting with water

No mixing of honey variants

Take a closer look at RAW honey


Experience the raw taste of natural honey – with ALL the health benefits. It’s what we don’t do that makes all the difference. We think honey, in all it’s natural glory is perfect. That’s why we think RAW honey – untouched and handled with extra care, is as good as honey gets.


Our Australian honey is not heated or filtered – you can see the natural goodness in each spoonful

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Honeycomb in each jar

All Raw Honey From Our Farm comes packed with honeycomb in each jar.

Unprocessed & Packed with Natural Gooey Goodness

When you first open your jar of Raw Honey From Our Farm – you’ll see the difference. Each jar is packed with farmed honeycomb – straight from the hive. Our honey is typically thicker than other honey, and full of ‘bits’ – it’s these bits that are normally filtered and removed from honey. We think these ‘bits’ are the best bits.